Initial Call for Papers

———– Call For Papers ———–

Gender, Neoliberalism, and Financial Crisis

Postgraduate Conference at the University of York

27 September 2013

This conference aims to bring together postgraduates and early career researchers who study the relationship between gender, development, and political economy. It is an interdisciplinary conference, inviting researchers from women/ gender studies, development, politics, sociology, economics, philosophy, and other related disciplines. It welcomes abstracts on a range of issues:

– Feminist development perspectives on neoliberal governance

– Feminist IPE and the financial crisis

– Gender Mainstreaming in institutions of global governance

– Austerity and the welfare state

– Economic and political approaches to Gender Justice

– Activism and resistance to economic inequalities

– Feminist anti-austerity activism

– Other related topics…

Please send a 200-250 word abstract (with the subject headline ‘Conference Paper Abstract’) to Sydney Calkin, Deadline for abstracts: 1 May 2013

We welcome submissions from Masters and Doctoral students.


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