Abstracts due in one month

One month left until the deadline for abstracts! Please get them in early if possible. There’s been a great response so far and we’re looking forward to some interesting panels and participants from around the world. 

You can get quick updates on the conference via Twitter: Follow @GenderConfYork


Updates on conference funding and related events

Happy International Women’s Day! 

Two bits of news to share:

First, I’m happy to announce the two sponsors for the conference: the University of York Department of Politics and the York Graduate Students Association Community Fund. Thanks very much to these two organisations for their support of the conference.

(Update: Sponsors now include the PSA Special Events Fund and York Annual Fund)

This funding is very exciting and will allow for subsidised postgraduate places for presenters/ attendees at the conference- more details to follow.

Second, the departments of English/ Modern Studies and Sociology at York are co-organizing a conference on Neoliberalism, Crisis, and World-Systems for July 2-3 2013. This is not a postgrad conference, but it will have some postgrad events running alongside and hopefully there will be some collaboration with the Gender, Neoliberalism, and Financial Crisis Conference. Any information on collaboration, reading groups, meetings, etc. will be posted here. Please see the website for more information about attending this July conference: