The conference is very proud to announce three keynote speakers are provisionally schedule to speak:

Diane Elson

Professor Diane Elson (Essex)

Diane Elson is currently a professor of Sociology at the University of Essex. Her work focuses on gender, development, and human rights. Her presentation at the conference will explore gendered economies of care and social reproduction in the context of financial crisis. 

Sylvia Walby

Professor Sylvia Walby (Lancaster)

Sylvia Walby is a British sociologist, currently Distinguished Professor of Sociology at Lancaster University. She is noted for work in the fields of the domestic violencepatriarchy, gender relations in the workplace and globalisation. Her recent research has focused on the impact of budget cuts to services that prevent violence against women. 

Ruth Pearson

Professor Ruth Pearson (Leeds)

 Ruth Pearson is an Emeritus Professor of Development Studies at Leeds. Her work focuses on gender and work in the global economy and development policy. During her career she has produced 60+ publications, many of them influential core texts in the GAD field. 


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