The final programme is available here: GNFC Programme PDF (Updated 27 September)

Length of presentations: Aim for 12-15 minutes, but the length of your presentation will depend on the number of presenters on the panel. Presenters should generally aims for 12-15 minutes each, though if you are on a panel of 2 or 3 people you may have a bit more flexibility here.

Publication: There have been questions about submitting papers for circulation before the conference and publication afterward. I am happy to circulate papers or post them on the website for those who would like the feedback. After the conference we can talk about developing an online working paper series. On the publication front, there is very little scope to publish the proceedings of a postgrad conference in an academic journal, but there is of course every opportunity for individual presenters to revise their papers for submission. This could be a useful outcome of the online paper circulation/ feedback process.

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