Tickets for the conference can be purchased at

General tickets are £10 for all presenters and participants. This ticket includes conferences fees and lunch. It does not include the conference dinner.

Tickets will go on sale 1 June 2013 and remain available for purchase until 1 August 2013. Presenters must purchase tickets and confirm their attendance at the conference by 1 August 2013 or their papers may be withdrawn. Participants (not presenting papers) should also purchase tickets by 1 August 2013. Tickets cannot be purchased on the day because we need to finalise numbers in advance- please book early.

Bursaries and waived fees: For presenters/ participants who cannot pay the £10 fee, we can find extra funding for a few free tickets. Please email if you’d like to discuss this. We also have a limited number of travel bursaries available (see Travel Bursaries tab).

**Sorry, but the registration fee is not refundable**


5 thoughts on “Registration

  1. please sir, can i attend the conference as a non paper presenter? i narrowly miss the dead line for submission of abstract. can you please state how tickets can be purchased? thanks.

    • Hello- Of course you can attend the conference as a participants and join in the discussions. You will need to purchase a ticket through
      Tickets will go on sale from 1 June until 1 August. You can check back on this page for updates.

  2. sir is the conference meant for everybody because am interested and just a holder of the GEE advanced level in history literature and french i really love to be part of the conference and i don’t know how things are being done concerning the flight, visa etc and am not sure i can afford all of this with this sir i equally seek for your support

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